Republican Party

Martin Luther King Jr would have understood that the line connecting Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump runs through Dixie

By John Stoehr / January 17, 2022 /

The American south as mini-Russia.

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To these Republican justices, mass death is okie-dokie

By John Stoehr / January 14, 2022 /

The administrative state, however, is not.

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This is how the Republicans are whitewashing the J6 insurrection out of existence

By John Stoehr / January 7, 2022 /

And how the Big Lie became so easy to believe.

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The insurrection never ended

By John Stoehr / January 3, 2022 /

The Republicans are reviving American apartheid.

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Revelations by the House Select Committee risk drawing attention away from GOP legislators who aided and abetted a failed coup

By Lindsay Beyerstein / December 16, 2021 /

January 6 was one part of a coup attempt planned out in the open. Its procedural component was widely reported in the weeks beforehand.

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Will the Democrats learn? When you think you’re winning against bullshit, you’re actually losing

By Matt Robison / December 15, 2021 /

On covid, the Republicans are swiftboating Biden.

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The president’s low approval is democracy working. Voters are holding him accountable

By Noah Berlatsky / December 14, 2021 /

The problem is a Republican Party that’s not promising to do more to fight the covid pandemic. It’s promising to do less.

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America’s future: less democracy nationally, more democracy locally, plus violence and blood

By John Stoehr / December 9, 2021 /

My interview with Sea Change Radio’s Alex Wise.

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Lose Roe, lose right to privacy

By Mia Brett / December 9, 2021 /

Abortion, birth control, Internet usage, same-sex marriage, sexual privacy and even healthcare privacy are on the line.

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Are Republicans heirs of Lenin?

By John Stoehr / November 29, 2021 /

Not quite, but the comparison is instructive.

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