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A newsletter about politics in plain English for normal people, democracy and the common good. Every weekday around lunchtime, readers receive fresh insight, analysis and commentary on the day’s event. Subscribers get access to an array of contributors who write on an array of subjects vital to their roles as citizens. Readers also receive the Weekend Edition on Saturdays, a round-up on the week’s output in case they missed it. 

What you get

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A little about me

First, I’m not a political scientist, but I have taught political science. Second, I’m not a partisan, but for the time being, the Democratic Party cares about what I care about. I’m a journalist, writer and citizen. I’m a former visiting professor of public policy at Wesleyan University; a fellow at the Yale Journalism Initiative; a contributing writer for the Washington Monthly; a contributing editor for Religion Dispatches; a columnist for Public Seminar; and senior editor at Alternet. My byline has been in news outlets big and small, but mostly small. I live in the greatest city on the east coast, New Haven. Follow me @johnastoehr.

John Stoehr