Matt Robison

Matt Robison covers public policy and governance for the Editorial Board. The host of Beyond Politics Podcast and Great Ideas Podcast, for WKXL in Concord, NH, he lives with his family in Amherst, Mass.

Here’s everything the Democrats have done and why these midterms should be a cakewalk

November 4, 2022 /

No need for smoke and mirrors. It’s an overflow of facts.

Democrats were right to ‘interfere’ in GOP primaries

September 28, 2022 /

Critics of the gambit presumed there’s daylight between Republicans.

More than one way for SCOTUS to screw democracy

July 21, 2022 /

Some are terrible. Some are worse.

To protect abortion rights, the Democrats should finish the ERA

June 14, 2022 /

An amendment finally ratified is an opportunity.

Refocus your energy. Use it to protect democracy and advance policy that improves lives

April 1, 2022 /

Don’t “chase shiny objects.”

We are now seeing the restored promise of good governance

March 21, 2022 /

Few appreciate the significance of executive branch agencies in our government, how badly former President Trump damaged them.

Reality check: President Joe Biden’s year-one grade? A+ 

January 20, 2022 /

Any other answer is insane.

Will the Democrats learn? When you think you’re winning against bullshit, you’re actually losing

December 15, 2021 /

On covid, the Republicans are swiftboating Biden.

It’s time to overthrow the gerontocracy

November 5, 2021 /

There’s a reason we never talk about these things out loud: the counterattacks and accusations seem devastating.

Why we can’t quit polling

September 29, 2021 /

Our love of public opinion surveys and data science reflects an aspect of American politics that’s at least skewed, at most broken.