John Stoehr

John Stoehr is the editor of the Editorial Board. He writes the daily edition. Find him @johnastoehr.

The case for centering Biden’s stutter and more from the week

April 13, 2024 /

I need just one new subscriber today!

Sadly, for Trump, Arizona’s abortion ban is bullshit-resistant

April 12, 2024 /

It’s a real policy problem. Naturally, he has no idea what to do.

Let’s center Biden’s stutter

April 10, 2024 /

We should recognize the product of a lifetime of effort borne of hardship: a brain that’s fitter than the average 81-year-old’s.

Not just a spoiler. A conspirator

April 9, 2024 /

“The Kennedy voter and the Trump voter – our mutual enemy is Biden,” said Rita Palma, Robert F Kennedy Jr’s New York campaign director.

Third parties are a scam, and more from the week

April 6, 2024 /

I need just one new subscriber. You in?

No Labels is gone for now, but ‘centrism’ is never going away

April 5, 2024 /

Its vision of “unity” has always been a product of makebelieve. 

Kennedy’s fate is tied to Trump’s

April 4, 2024 /

Voters have entered a new stage in which they are remembering what the country was like the last time a demagogue was president. 

Third parties are a scam

April 3, 2024 /

They can’t win, but they can sap your will to make the world better.

The Republicans’ either/or trap

April 2, 2024 /

They ask us to choose God or trans people. Don’t fall for it.

The important but overlooked detail in Trump’s bible sales pitch

March 29, 2024 /

It was a signal to believers of “the one true religion.”