Republican Party

The other ‘Great Replacement’

By Claire Bond Potter / February 20, 2024 /

When the GOP embraced conspiracy theories, voter fraud fantasies, and class war, they replaced people who vote with an electorate that doesn’t always – or can’t always – vote, writes Claire Bond Potter.

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If he weren’t trying to be like Trump, DeSantis might be known as his most insightful critic

By John Stoehr / January 17, 2024 /

Maybe it takes a copycat to be so right about the frontrunner.

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Kevin McCarthy caves and caves, then he caves some more

By John Stoehr / July 27, 2023 /

Like all abusers, his conference keeps moving the standard on him.

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There’s no such thing as a competent authoritarian

By Noah Berlatsky / April 24, 2023 /

DeSantis wouldn’t be better or worse than Trump.

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All they care about is defending traditional hierarchies

By Rod Graham / March 22, 2023 /

That’s the rightwing complaint about everything, writes Rod Graham.

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Why is the press corps suddenly playing along with Biden?

By John Stoehr / February 20, 2023 /

I don’t know, but it’s bad news from the Republicans.

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Tonight, the president is going to lie to us

By John Stoehr / February 7, 2023 /

That should be the takeaway, but it won’t be.

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This isn’t Obama’s White House

By John Stoehr / February 6, 2023 /

Why Republicans no longer get the benefit of the doubt.

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Conspiracism isn’t infecting America. It is America

By John Stoehr / January 30, 2023 /

It’s easier to deny the truth, though.

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On the debt ceiling, the Democrats are the party of no

By John Stoehr / January 19, 2023 /

The Republicans, meanwhile, pretend to possess leverage.

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