Republican Party

The 19 are depoliticizing politics

By John Stoehr / January 5, 2023 /

Kevin McCarthy’s humiliation is a case study.

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Kyrsten Sinema doesn’t get the credit she deserves

By John Stoehr / December 14, 2022 /

Yeah, she’s annoying. That’s democratic politics for you

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Midterms showed once again the difference between Democrats and Republicans is over race

By Noah Berlatsky / December 12, 2022 /

Maybe the Republicans are out of touch.

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Is there anyone in the press corps who can recognize the bad faith in evangelical faith?

By John Stoehr / December 7, 2022 /

These people are special and they are missing in Washington.

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Another GOP ‘civil war’? We know how that story ends

By John Stoehr / November 30, 2022 /

We’ve already heard it.

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The GOP will take the House. Let’s get back to work

By John Stoehr / November 15, 2022 /

Enough high-fiving and fist-bumping. 

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From the midterms, the most important takeaway: the electorate has changed

By John Stoehr / November 14, 2022 /

It has shifted leftward its center of gravity.

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GOP elites are shopping around, but they’re stuck with Trump

By John Stoehr / November 10, 2022 /

Cults end when the leader dies.

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Gird your loins, friend, for today is Election Day

By John Stoehr / November 8, 2022 /

Prepare to endure reasonsreasonsreasons.

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America is anxious. We’re putting prices over principles

By Rod Graham / October 27, 2022 /

Eventually, GOP scare tactics will fall flat.

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