Mia Brett

Mia Brett, PhD, is the Editorial Board's legal historian. She lives with her gorgeous dog, Tchotchke. You can find her @queenmab87.

The GOP’s answer to labor shortages? Put kids to work

April 4, 2023 /

They’d rather erode child labor laws than raise wages, writes Mia Brett.

Anti-drag laws are part of a long history of policing gender

March 15, 2023 /

And they won’t stop at drag, writes Mia Brett.

Turns out the Satanists aren’t really the good guys this time

February 13, 2023 /

The TST offers bad legal advice, writes Mia Brett.

A huge step toward controlling the academy by Ron DeSantis

January 25, 2023 /

The anti-critical race theory panic just won’t die, writes Mia Brett.

If there’s a ‘crisis at the border,’ it’s of the government’s making

January 18, 2023 /

No matter how you cross the border, you are not illegal. 

Abortion pills, abortion bans and Republican policies that kill

December 20, 2022 /

Anti-abortionists claim in a new suit that the Food and Drug Administration shouldn’t have approved it in the first place. 

Ye’s antisemitism is straight from the white supremacist playbook

December 13, 2022 /

And it only serves white supremacy.

SCOTUS is dirty. Let’s clean it up

November 28, 2022 /

Rightwing justices aren’t going to police themselves.

No, Texas can’t invoke the invasion clause

November 23, 2022 /

It’s politics, not a legal theory.

The Supreme Court controlled the midterms 

November 16, 2022 /

It drove the issues. It dictated access to the ballot.