Mia Brett

Mia Brett, PhD, is the Editorial Board's legal historian. She lives with her gorgeous dog, Tchotchke. You can find her @queenmab87.

Pot pardons aren’t meaningless, but they aren’t enough either

October 12, 2022 /

The racist consequences of the “war on drugs” are still with us.

The 19th century called. It wants its abortion laws back

October 4, 2022 /

There is nothing fun about zombie laws.

The Supreme Court’s dangerous abuse of religious exemptions

September 19, 2022 /

How far are the rightwing justices willing to go?

Why do the Republicans keep proving their ‘semi-fascism’?

September 8, 2022 /

They could just ignore Biden’s claim, but don’t.

Federal law requires some hospitals to give emergency care, including abortions

August 31, 2022 /

Republicans are fighting it in court.

Someone like Trump pleading the Fifth is funny, but the right against self-incrimination is no laughing matter

August 15, 2022 /

It’s just too perfect considering that Trump said in 2016 that, “if you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” 

Breonna Taylor and how a civil rights law from 1866 could pave the way to police accountability and federal intervention

August 11, 2022 /

Is the Justice Department re-embracing its original mandate?

Abortion as self-defense in the coming age of ‘personhood’

August 2, 2022 /

Pregnancy is an imminent threat of bodily harm.

There’s no such thing as settled law anymore

July 27, 2022 /

These popular fundamental rights must be vigorously fought for the way we wish abortion had been protected when we had the chance.

Don’t fight ‘fetal personhood’ by taking the idea to extremes

July 19, 2022 /

That reaffirms privileging fetuses over women.