Republican Party

The Republicans and their allies take an eliminationist turn

By Lindsay Beyerstein / April 12, 2022 /

It’s recognizable in totalitarian regimes overseas. 

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The Republican Party’s war against LGBT-plus Americans

By Victoria Brownworth / April 11, 2022 /

If you think that’s hyperbole, think again. 

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The four stages of ‘groomer speech’

By John Stoehr / April 8, 2022 /

We’re used to seeing conservatives accuse the powerless of sex crimes. We’re not used to seeing them accuse the powerful of the same.

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The break up of Big Business and the GOP isn’t happening. It already happened. Will the Democrats seize the opportunity?

By John Stoehr / April 7, 2022 /

The Republican Party’s entrenchment of “a heteronormative view of a Eurocentric patriarchal America” is bad for business.

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Steal an election? Bush v Gore did. Ted Cruz helped. He advised Trump on how to do it again

By Mia Brett / March 31, 2022 /

Cruz said he was convinced Al Gore “was trying to steal the presidency.”

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Is the Republican Party a hate group? Is there a difference now that it has mainstreamed ‘the great replacement’?

By John Stoehr / March 30, 2022 /

White supremacy is the tie that binds all GOP issues.

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A professor of constitutional law asks: Is it time to consider ignoring the Supreme Court?

By Eric Segall / March 22, 2022 /

Starting a difficult conversation.

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Just ignore SCOTUS? The notion is not as radical as it sounds

By John Stoehr / March 22, 2022 /

Even after Ketanji Brown Jackson is confirmed, we’re still going to have the same rogue court. We’re running out of time and options.

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Think of Trump as one of Putin’s ‘oligarchs.’ It just makes sense

By John Stoehr / March 15, 2022 /

Practical gangsterism is the key to understanding.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene has already won. Donate money to win elections, not lose them

By Jason Sattler / March 15, 2022 /

Give money to vulnerable Democrats instead.

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