Republican Party

Attacking abortion rights is apiece with the GOP’s class war

By Noah Berlatsky / May 26, 2022 /

It’s about preserving a social order in which the poor have few options except humiliating themselves for a few bones thrown at them.

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Pro-gun is pro-white power

By John Stoehr / May 25, 2022 /

Ted Cruz understands that perfectly. You should, too.

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History loves a good protest

By Mia Brett / May 13, 2022 /

Senators and justices alleging violence should rethink their allegations.

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The rightwing is now getting respectable white people to believe that other respectable white people are dangerous

By John Stoehr / May 10, 2022 /

How long will that work?

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Can a democracy survive when awash in conspiracy theories?

By Rod Graham / May 10, 2022 /

Republicans trust neither common nor specialized knowledge.

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For years, rightwingers worked away from the penetrating gaze of a majority of Americans who favor Roe. That’s going to change

By John Stoehr / May 6, 2022 /

They’re already losing their minds.

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On the eve of Roe’s fall, a victory decades in the making, what does the GOP do? Complain

By Jason Sattler / May 6, 2022 /

They will always be addicted to outrage.

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The Constitution has nothing to do with overturning Roe

By Eric Segall / May 4, 2022 /

So long stare decisis, we hardly knew you.

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Republican justices appear ready to strike down Roe before overturning other privacy rights

By Mia Brett / May 3, 2022 /

Samuel Alito’s assurances are hardly comforting.

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Roe, abortion and the criminal attitudes of Republican justices

By John Stoehr / May 3, 2022 /

They won’t be bound even to their own words.

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