Republican Party

Don’t fight ‘fetal personhood’ by taking the idea to extremes

By Mia Brett / July 19, 2022 /

That reaffirms privileging fetuses over women.

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J6 committee hints at an attempted ‘congressional coup’

By John Stoehr / July 13, 2022 /

It really does look like seditious conspiracy

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You: progress, once done, can’t be undone. SCOTUS: watch this

By John Stoehr / July 1, 2022 /

A rightwing supermajority now controls the arc of the moral universe.

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A week after overturning Roe, the Supreme Court’s illegitimacy is already accelerating

By John Stoehr / June 30, 2022 /

Even Republican state legislators are ignoring it.

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Are we supposed to believe the Republicans didn’t know?

By John Stoehr / June 29, 2022 /

Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony casts new light on the Republicans who chose to defend and protect an enemy of the Constitution.

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Anti-establishment profit-making

By Noah Berlatsky / June 29, 2022 /

On Substackers, crypto and Trump.

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Trump tried strangling his Secret Service agent, one of many revelations from today’s explosive J6 hearing

By John Stoehr / June 28, 2022 /

We may look back on today as a major turn in the story of Donald Trump’s attempted coup on January 6, 2021.

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People ask me questions

By John Stoehr / June 24, 2022 /

I try answering them.

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It’s not a crime when a Republican does it. It’s freedom

By John Stoehr / June 22, 2022 /

Any attempt to uphold the rule of law is an infringement of that freedom. That just might inspire an overthrow of the government.

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We’re in the middle of another covid surge. Yet Congress appears to have moved on

By Noah Berlatsky / June 7, 2022 /

Another health, economic and political disaster in the making.

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