Republican Party

If the Congress is unchanged by the midterms, it will signal the return of an old norm

By John Stoehr / August 26, 2022 /

In the 20th century, six midterms flipped the Congress.

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Maybe Donald Trump’s Big Lie is, well, um, good for democracy?

By John Stoehr / August 25, 2022 /

Early signs of hardcore supporters losing hope.

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Trump trades places with his enemies

By John Stoehr / August 16, 2022 /

To him, the FBI search was an end to itself.

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Trump’s fear of looking like a loser could spoil the GOP’s advantage in November

By Jason Sattler / August 1, 2022 /

Party leaders want the midterms to be about Biden.

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The mob did what Trump wanted

By Lindsay Beyerstein / July 26, 2022 /

The J6 committee deftly illustrated Thursday what was going on inside and outside the White House during that time.

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By voting to acquit, Josh Hawley covered up his involvement in Trump’s ‘congressional coup’

By John Stoehr / July 25, 2022 /

He has some explaining to do.

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Liz Cheney implicates GOP senators in a cover-up of a ‘congressional coup’

By John Stoehr / July 22, 2022 /

If that’s not a conspiracy, it sure as hell looks like one.

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More than one way for SCOTUS to screw democracy

By Matt Robison / July 21, 2022 /

Some are terrible. Some are worse.

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No, the GOP is not a multiracial working class coalition

By John Stoehr / July 19, 2022 /

Peddlers of this conventional wisdom are scamming you.

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Don’t fight ‘fetal personhood’ by taking the idea to extremes

By Mia Brett / July 19, 2022 /

That reaffirms privileging fetuses over women.

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