Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson and why selling GOP groupthink had to end

By John Stoehr / April 27, 2023 /

With so many people centered on the same lie featuring the same private firm, it’s hard to think of better conditions for striking back.

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The ‘crisis of masculinity’ is the absence of a rich inner life

By John Stoehr / October 7, 2022 /

Most think the solution is ramping up “manliness.” It’s not.

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Why do the Republicans keep proving their ‘semi-fascism’?

By Mia Brett / September 8, 2022 /

They could just ignore Biden’s claim, but don’t.

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Tucker Carlson’s ‘The End of Men’ is just ridiculous. It’s also a sign of liberal democracy in crisis

By John Stoehr / April 18, 2022 /

Take it seriously.

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No, Carlson, Greenwald and the rest are not in Russian pay

By Noah Berlatsky / March 28, 2022 /

My editor is wrong. It’s worse than that.

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The myth of the US funding secret biolabs in Ukraine is an old Russian disinfo campaign. Rightwing dupes are falling for it

By Lindsay Beyerstein / March 21, 2022 /

The latest smear of a US program to help former Soviet republics.

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Want people to get vaccinated? Pay them

By Noah Berlatsky / January 12, 2022 /

We should value every life. 

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Your friendly neighborhood sociologist: What we talk about when we talk about white supremacy

By Rod Graham / December 1, 2021 /

It’s not what it used to be.

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Not your dad’s conservatives: Today’s GOP wants candidates to say how they’ll use the state to keep white people on top

By John Stoehr / October 20, 2021 /

See Glenn Youngkin’s vow to ban “CRT.”

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To fight vaccine disinfo, first understand how anti-vaxxers coopt science to spread it

By Magdi Semrau / September 15, 2021 /

We should worry less about the ravings of anti-vaxxers obsessed with microchips, and more about the falsehoods that, enjoying a patina of scientific authority, are harder to identify and harder to correct. 

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