John Eastman

Federal prosecutors are now investigating fake Electoral College certificates, the latest clues that could lead to Trump

By Lindsay Beyerstein / January 28, 2022 /

Similarities in language and formatting between the fake certificates suggests a far-reaching conspiracy orchestrated at the national level. 

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Fake paperwork is just what federal investigators need to climb atop the conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election

By Lindsay Beyerstein / January 20, 2022 /

In a group of nearly 60 people facing serious prison time, at least some of them will be willing to implicate the higher ups to save themselves.

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Yes, it’s absurd, but fraudulent certificates are still fraudulent

By Lindsay Beyerstein / January 14, 2022 /

Coverage of the latest from the J6 committee lacks urgency.

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The J6 coup failed because the clock ran out. The GOP now has plenty of time to get it right

By Magdi Semrau / January 6, 2022 /

From quiet proceduralism to violent insurrection and back again.

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He was set to testify about a PowerPoint outlining step-by-step Trump’s failed coup. Then Mark Meadows chickened out

By Lindsay Beyerstein / December 9, 2021 /

He’s invoking privilege he doesn’t have.

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The Republicans are taking their terror campaign to the next level

By Lindsay Beyerstein / November 23, 2021 /

The Wisconsin GOP is mad about election officials following the law.

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The inside game and the outside game: procedure plus a mob

By Lindsay Beyerstein / November 17, 2021 /

John Eastman co-wrote the blueprint for how Donald Trump could use the military, the police and criminal gangs to hold onto power.

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John Eastman’s manual for state violence

By Lindsay Beyerstein / November 10, 2021 /

War games often reveal more about the players than they do about the future, and this exercise is no exception.

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The Eastman memo is another reason why we badly need election reform. It’s also reason why reform won’t be enough

By John Stoehr / September 22, 2021 /

New laws won’t stop people who hold themselves above the law.

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