Democratic Party

Democrats should make it clear to the public that voting against green energy is voting for an authoritarian imperialist

By Noah Berlatsky / March 18, 2022 /

Fretting about the price of gas is short-term thinking.

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Do public opinion surveys mirror or manufacture political reality?

By Rod Graham / March 16, 2022 /

The anatomy of a pull poll.

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The truth won’t speak for itself

By John Stoehr / February 15, 2022 /

The Democrats can’t trust the press and pundit corps to explain to the American people that democracy as they know it is under assault.

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Let them eat debt

By Noah Berlatsky / December 28, 2021 /

That canceling student debt would be a massive transfer payment is a statement that the government should do more for average families.

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The president’s low approval is democracy working. Voters are holding him accountable

By Noah Berlatsky / December 14, 2021 /

The problem is a Republican Party that’s not promising to do more to fight the covid pandemic. It’s promising to do less.

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If last week’s carve-out to the filibuster rule can be done to raise the debt ceiling, it can be done to save democracy, too

By John Stoehr / December 13, 2021 /

Anoa Changa: the point of no return is fast approaching.

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Creating a counter-conservatism

By John Stoehr / October 21, 2021 /

Make more room in the Democratic Party.

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Whatever Joe Biden and the Democrats decide will be the best outcome democracy can produce while being sabotaged

By John Stoehr / October 13, 2021 /

Cut these Democrats some slack.

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