Democratic Party

The Democrats’ progressives need a new story

By John Stoehr / July 20, 2022 /

The one they’re telling is hurting Biden, the party and themselves.

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Biden in 2024? Debating it is more evidence of regime change

By John Stoehr / July 11, 2022 /

Public opinion is volatile during periods of transition.

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On abortion rights, Biden does something. Critics should give him credit, demand more

By John Stoehr / July 8, 2022 /

Giving credit is vital in the fight to codify Roe.

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Will white liberals choose to liberate themselves from their current illusion of freedom?

By John Stoehr / June 7, 2022 /

For everyone’s sake, I hope so.

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White liberals are already rolling over for the GOP after Dems fail to deliver everything they want

By John Stoehr / June 6, 2022 /

Politics is politics, not customer service.

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Mallory McMorrow: ‘We can’t lose if we stand up against hate’

By John Stoehr / April 20, 2022 /

An interview with the Michigan state senator.

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Why do critics of the Democratic Party believe voters in swing districts want to hear the whole truth about the Republicans?

By John Stoehr / April 13, 2022 /

There is such a thing as too much faith in the people.

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Defund the police through the backdoor by legalizing weed

By Noah Berlatsky / April 13, 2022 /

We could avoid the trauma and ruin of criminalization, and spend the savings on making a kinder and more equitable country.

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Drop Iowa. Make DC first

By Noah Berlatsky / April 5, 2022 /

The Democrats consider changing who votes first.

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Refocus your energy. Use it to protect democracy and advance policy that improves lives

By Matt Robison / April 1, 2022 /

Don’t “chase shiny objects.”

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