Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein covers legal affairs, health care and politics for the Editorial Board. An award-winning documentary filmmaker, she’s a judge for the Sidney Hillman Foundation. Find her @beyerstein.

John Eastman’s manual for state violence

November 10, 2021 /

War games often reveal more about the players than they do about the future, and this exercise is no exception.

‘Let’s go, Brandon’ tells us violence isn’t the result of MAGA politics. It is MAGA politics

November 3, 2021 /

The GOP’s cutesy catchphrase.

Rolling Stone adds to ProPublica report showing the Trump White House was warned about potential violence on January 6

October 26, 2021 /

But proceed with caution

New York can now celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s ideals without idolizing the slave holder himself

October 19, 2021 /

The City Council is taking down the memorial to him.

Death-threat squads harass voting administrators out of their jobs, clearing way for election theft. It’s a slow-motion coup

October 13, 2021 /

“They’re playing the long game.”

After one big failed coup, the GOP has regrouped to launch countless mini-insurrections

October 6, 2021 /

The right wing has cynically declared war on easy targets like teachers and nurses in the hopes they will quit out of fear or frustration.

The Republican campaign to rifle through the people’s ballots to sustain the Big Lie is a frontal assault on democracy

October 4, 2021 /

We cannot afford to let it spread any further.

The Durham indictment isn’t about justice. It’s about sending a ‘stop snitching’ message

September 21, 2021 /

Snitches might get indicted.

Look to California to see that the GOP has given up on elections

September 14, 2021 /

Trump is out of power, but the legacy of Trumpism lives on.

For members of Team Horse Paste, the fear is crossing the line from ‘bold independent thinker’ to ‘utter crackpot’

September 8, 2021 /

Grifters played on people’s hopes for a quick covid fix and their fear of vaccines, and now their fans are paying the price.