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Thanks to you, I experienced this

Your support made it possible.

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Last week, I told you about a little road trip I took with my daughter to update New York. Today, I want to thank you. We ended up going to Letchworth State Park. Its motto is “the Grand Canyon of the east” and it really shows. The Genesee River cuts a deep gorge through the landscape. There are three waterfalls. This is the middle one. (Click on the headline to be taken to the Editorial Board and to see the video.)

I wouldn’t have the flexibility and freedom to do things like this without the support of caring and considerate people like you and everyone who pays for a monthly or annual subscription to the Editorial Board. For me and my family, I say thank you thank you thank you! –JS

John Stoehr is the editor of the Editorial Board. He writes the daily edition. Find him @johnastoehr.

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