Vladimir Putin

Censored Chinese scholar: ‘new Iron Curtain’ will mark ‘life-and-death battle between those for and against western democracy.’ 

By John Stoehr / March 17, 2022 /

Will China turn its back on Russia?

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Think of Trump as one of Putin’s ‘oligarchs.’ It just makes sense

By John Stoehr / March 15, 2022 /

Practical gangsterism is the key to understanding.

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Sanctioning Putin’s oligarchs isn’t going to hurt them much as long as the United States is a great place to hide their filthy fortunes

By John Stoehr / March 9, 2022 /

Making our financial system more transparent, and enforcing existing law, should be part of America’s role in sanctioning Russia.

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Connect the antisemitic dots

By John Stoehr / March 7, 2022 /

“Putin could have written the Protocols.”

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The more pain Russians feel, the more incentive Putin has

By John Stoehr / March 5, 2022 /

Check your expectations. Sanctions yield complex results.

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Russian imperialism in Ukraine calls on Americans to unite against a common enemy

By Rod Graham / March 2, 2022 /

We did it before (and we can do it again).

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Should the Democrats claim a middle ground that’s emerging between GOP Putinists and the anti-American American left?

By John Stoehr / March 1, 2022 /

How the far left came to “some pretty ghoulish conclusions.”

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On Ukraine, the left and right parrot Putin’s propaganda

By John Stoehr / February 4, 2022 /

Look, Russia is the real aggressor.

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Tucker Carlson and Fox as ‘Fifth Column’ in the US, and other things you need to know about threats of war in Ukraine

By John Stoehr / January 21, 2022 /

“No invasion will be a minor incursion. It will cost lives and destroy communities. For Ukraine’s sake, I hope the west understands this.”

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White south = mini-Russia

By John Stoehr / January 17, 2022 /

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