Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell isn’t a hypocrite

By John Stoehr / March 7, 2024 /

He’s telling us who he is, the perfect nihilist, but we won’t believe him.

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Mitch McConnell doesn’t deserve any compliments

By Stephen Robinson / March 4, 2024 /

The damage McConnell’s done is incalculable, writes Stephen Robinson.

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If McConnell wants to work himself to death, let him

By John Stoehr / September 1, 2023 /

His public humiliation is a chef’s kiss.

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Suddenly, the Republicans want a piece of the action

By John Stoehr / December 29, 2022 /

The party of no seems to be rethinking the utility of no.

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Another GOP ‘civil war’? We know how that story ends

By John Stoehr / November 30, 2022 /

We’ve already heard it.

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Overconfident in minority rule, the Republicans forgot how to compete democratically

By Noah Berlatsky / September 7, 2022 /

Case in point is their proposed plan for Social Security. 

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The Inflation Reduction Act is what a democracy can achieve when fascists are prevented from stabbing it in the back

By John Stoehr / August 17, 2022 /

Thank Mitch McConnell for proof of concept.

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It’s not a crime when a Republican does it. It’s freedom

By John Stoehr / June 22, 2022 /

Any attempt to uphold the rule of law is an infringement of that freedom. That just might inspire an overthrow of the government.

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No, the war in Ukraine hasn’t shown that America’s military is behind Russia’s

By Noah Berlatsky / March 14, 2022 /

Mitch McConnell is wrong. The opposite is true.

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If you buy into the idea that the GOP is ridding itself of Trump, congrats. You’ve been Dickrolled

By Jason Sattler / February 23, 2022 /

Defeating Trump and the party that he’s consumed at the polls is, tragically, our only hope for a peaceful end to this ridiculous crisis.

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