Merrick Garland

The GOP response to Trump’s conviction is incoherent until you remember the conspiracy theories that animate it

By Lindsay Beyerstein / June 6, 2024 /

It’s time to state the obvious, writes Lindsay Beyerstein.

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News brief: Garland speaks

By John Stoehr / August 11, 2022 /

He said he signed off on the search of Mar-o-Lago.

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Garland would not approve searching Mar-a-Lago if the case against Trump were not airtight

By John Stoehr / August 9, 2022 /

Politics is making the AG exceptionally careful.

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Why hesitate to indict Trump? Fear of escalating the GOP’s ongoing war on democracy

By John Stoehr / June 17, 2022 /

We should say so.

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Don’t confuse Trump dodging indictment with him getting off scot-free. Consequences are coming

By John Stoehr / June 15, 2022 /

We just can’t see, in the present moment, what they will be.

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Fake paperwork is just what federal investigators need to climb atop the conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election

By Lindsay Beyerstein / January 20, 2022 /

In a group of nearly 60 people facing serious prison time, at least some of them will be willing to implicate the higher ups to save themselves.

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Merrick Garland sees the big picture

By Lindsay Beyerstein / January 6, 2022 /

Let’s hope he stays true to his vision.

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The United States government was caught spying on American journalists. Does anyone care?

By Richard Sudan / January 4, 2022 /

Increasing evidence of the apparatus of the state being levied against reporters should surely lead to outcry from sensible people.

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Merrick Garland thinks he’s being neutral in the face of Trump’s crimes. He’s wrong. He’s being complicit. Make him know it

By John Stoehr / October 8, 2021 /

We are not facing a “full-blown constitutional crisis.”

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After one big failed coup, the GOP has regrouped to launch countless mini-insurrections

By Lindsay Beyerstein / October 6, 2021 /

The right wing has cynically declared war on easy targets like teachers and nurses in the hopes they will quit out of fear or frustration.

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