Trump is president for life. Just ask him

By John Stoehr / September 1, 2022 /

By claiming to have declassified government secrets, he refuses to recognize the authority of the current president

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There’s no way Biden would use the term ‘semi-fascist’ if he did not believe that most Americans are behind the Democrats

By John Stoehr / August 31, 2022 /

He doesn’t risk alienating voters. He risks missing an opportunity.

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Team Trump keeps admitting to an ongoing crime

By Lindsay Beyerstein / August 30, 2022 /

His boasts that he owns the documents are undercutting his lawyers’ attempts to portray a brazen theft as an accident. 

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Forget civil war. Think ongoing yearslong insurgency

By John Stoehr / August 10, 2022 /

The Republicans’ “decidedly insurrectionist interpretation” of everything from the Second Amendment to their theory of government.

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