House Republicans ‘will regret’ voting for impeachment inquiry

By John Stoehr / December 15, 2023 /

An interview with the peerless Jill Lawrence.

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Hunter Biden wants to testify openly, but the GOP says no

By John Stoehr / December 13, 2023 /

That’s a better headline than what you’ll see about today’s news.

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The Biden impeachment story is a Trump revenge story

By John Stoehr / December 11, 2023 /

It’s getting clearer and clearer.

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Impeachment is probably coming

By John Stoehr / December 6, 2023 /

We shouldn’t have any illusions about it. I doubt the president does.

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Trump, GOP gamble on chaos and disorder. Good luck with that

By John Stoehr / September 29, 2023 /

Biden, meanwhile, is making room for people who don’t care about “principles and institutions” but do care about peace and order.

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Impeaching Biden is a tired Trump play

By Lindsay Beyerstein / September 28, 2023 /

The point is smearing the president, writes Lindsay Beyerstein.

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At the heart of Republican impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, Kremlin propaganda

By John Stoehr / September 14, 2023 /

Donald Trump is picking up where he left off.

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McCarthy can’t keep tap-dancing

By John Stoehr / September 6, 2023 /

He’s sacrificing his power.

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GOP wants to paint Trump’s impeachments as meaningless even as they try to ‘eradicate both votes from history’

By John Stoehr / June 26, 2023 /

Just one problem.

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Republicans want to impeach Biden? Go ahead

By John Stoehr / May 8, 2023 /

Mess around and find out.

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