Clarence Thomas

Debt frees the powerful and crushes the powerless

By Noah Berlatsky / May 16, 2024 /

Justices Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh and their peers on the court understand the ethic of the powerful, writes Noah Berlatsky.

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Justice Clarence Thomas has made life harder for racial minorities one case at a time

By Eric Segall / February 29, 2024 /

The why isn’t as important as the how, writes Eric Segall.

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For this ‘conservative court,’ the problem is not one justice’s breathtaking ethical misconduct

By John Stoehr / May 10, 2023 /

The problem is that it’s a “conservative court.” Most don’t like it.

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Could the Supreme Court cover up its corruption by saving access to the abortion pill?

By John Stoehr / April 24, 2023 /

We should keep on keeping the democratic faith. 

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Why is Justice Clarence Thomas telling us he’s above the law?

By John Stoehr / April 20, 2023 /

There’s no downside to telling the truth.

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Clarence Thomas keeps telling on himself. Are we listening?

By John Stoehr / April 14, 2023 /

He continues to think we’re fools, too.

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Clarence Thomas is telling on himself

By John Stoehr / April 7, 2023 /

And hoping you won’t notice.

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SCOTUS is dirty. Let’s clean it up

By Mia Brett / November 28, 2022 /

Rightwing justices aren’t going to police themselves.

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Trust me, Ginni Thomas says. Democracy demands more

By John Stoehr / October 3, 2022 /

The truth is in plain sight.

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There’s no such thing as settled law anymore

By Mia Brett / July 27, 2022 /

These popular fundamental rights must be vigorously fought for the way we wish abortion had been protected when we had the chance.

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