Brett Kavanaugh

The only counterweight to the Six is enduring control of Congress by the Democrats

By John Stoehr / December 15, 2022 /

Court-packing is nice but democratic politics is better.

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SCOTUS is dirty. Let’s clean it up

By Mia Brett / November 28, 2022 /

Rightwing justices aren’t going to police themselves.

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A week after overturning Roe, the Supreme Court’s illegitimacy is already accelerating

By John Stoehr / June 30, 2022 /

Even Republican state legislators are ignoring it.

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For Roe, the Democrats get mad

By John Stoehr / May 5, 2022 /

The Supreme Court’s legitimacy crisis starts there.

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How the Senate can ensure justices are not above the law

By Madiba K. Dennie / April 1, 2022 /

Senators can start with a commitment to protecting women and advancing accountability for the judiciary, including the SCOTUS.

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