There’s no such thing as law to police trans women that wouldn’t ultimately hurt all women

By Mia Brett / August 27, 2021 /

The Taliban’s oppression of women, and extreme hostility towards trans people, exemplifies how intertwined our liberation really is.

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Dear congressional Democrats, please stop conceding to the press corps’ bullshit. Thanks

By John Stoehr / August 24, 2021 /

The facts are on the president’s side. Act like it.

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In Afghanistan, occupation isn’t the only thing the US should end. It should end sanctions, too

By Richard Sudan / August 24, 2021 /

The United Nations Human Rights Council calls on America and its global allies to stop “the punishment of innocent civilians.”

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We owe it to Afghans to let as many in as possible, but let’s avoid arguments over ‘desirable’ and ‘undesirable’ immigrants 

By Mia Brett / August 23, 2021 /

People deserve refuge even if they didn’t help us.

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By centering ‘choice’ over obligation, the press enables a political minority to literally steal a political majority’s freedoms

By John Stoehr / August 20, 2021 /

Two words: delta variant. 

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Biden’s ‘mistake’ wasn’t about Afghans. It was about ‘allowing’ Americans to see the profound failure of America’s elites

By John Stoehr / August 19, 2021 /

They think he should have kept things quiet.

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Afghan democracy was a ‘grand illusion.’ So is the Republicans’ concern about terrorism

By John Stoehr / August 18, 2021 /

The president should lean into bringing Afghans to America.

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The 20-year militarization of our borders has failed like the 20-year military occupation of Afghanistan. Let’s end both

By John Stoehr / August 17, 2021 /

They cause more harm than good.

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The withdrawal from Afghanistan is complex and messy. It’s making partisans say silly things

By John Stoehr / August 16, 2021 /

The president is trying to do the right thing with all the consequences of having tried doing the right thing.

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