The Supreme Court controlled the midterms 

By Mia Brett / November 16, 2022 /

It drove the issues. It dictated access to the ballot.

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From the midterms, the most important takeaway: the electorate has changed

By John Stoehr / November 14, 2022 /

It has shifted leftward its center of gravity.

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GOP elites are shopping around, but they’re stuck with Trump

By John Stoehr / November 10, 2022 /

Cults end when the leader dies.

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The Republican’s danse macabre

By John Stoehr / October 20, 2022 /

Yes, even if they suffer, too. It’s frivolous and terrifying.

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The 19th century called. It wants its abortion laws back

By Mia Brett / October 4, 2022 /

There is nothing fun about zombie laws.

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What in the world is Lindsey Graham thinking?

By John Stoehr / September 14, 2022 /

His proposal would not only ban abortion nationally after 15 weeks, it would, in effect, ban democratic politics.

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Federal law requires some hospitals to give emergency care, including abortions

By Mia Brett / August 31, 2022 /

Republicans are fighting it in court.

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Time for a revival of the democratic imagination

By John Stoehr / August 8, 2022 /

The people, not the Supreme Court, decide on individual rights.

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Kansas reminds us that democracy is love

By John Stoehr / August 3, 2022 /

Suddenly, lost faith feels premature, even silly.

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Another Al-Qaeda leader is dead thanks to another Democratic president. Yet the Republicans are the party of national security

By John Stoehr / August 2, 2022 /

The party of an open, democratic society can’t be patriotic.

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