The backlash against Dobbs should restore balance to a constitutional order in need of it

By John Stoehr / March 21, 2024 /

It should do more than defeat Trump.

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Trump can’t outrun Roe’s fall

By John Stoehr / February 23, 2024 /

His idea of a 16-week national abortion ban is no middle ground.

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What do antiabortion groups do about Donald Trump? Nothing

By John Stoehr / September 20, 2023 /

They’ll accommodate him, like white evangelicals did.

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Abortion, Ohio and the Great Reversal that the GOP can’t see

By John Stoehr / August 9, 2023 /

They still misunderstand the public’s complex view on abortion.

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Using abortion, red states try to expand power over blue states

By Lindsay Beyerstein / July 28, 2023 /

What’s stopping them is a Democrat in the White House.

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Post-Roe, Biden deregulates the ‘pregnancy market’

By John Stoehr / July 14, 2023 /

Yesterday saw the biggest news since the US Supreme Court immiserated the rights and social standing of half the country.

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Facing embarrassingly weak test case, has SCOTUS’ rightwing supermajority lost its nerve?

By Lindsay Beyerstein / April 23, 2023 /

The current bid to yank mifepristone off the market is legal hackery whose sponsors deserve points only for shrewd venue-shopping.

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They want to outlaw the abortion pill, but they don’t want liberal states to protect their sovereignty. Guess what?

By John Stoehr / April 12, 2023 /

Rightwing politics presumes there won’t be a reaction.

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Wisconsin, antiabortion politics and the Republican death drive

By John Stoehr / April 10, 2023 /

The problem isn’t messaging.

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Idaho Republicans want to keep doctors from treating ectopic pregnancies 

By Lindsay Beyerstein / March 24, 2023 /

It’s all about the uncertainty, writes Lindsay Beyerstein.

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