November 12, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

QT: Killing ourselves over etiquette

Chuck Schumer said something nice about Peter King.

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Peter King, the New York Republican, announced Monday he wouldn’t run for reelection in 2020. That’s a good thing for the House Democrats. One more possible pick up. On hearing the news, Chuck Schumer, also from New York, wrote this:

Now it’s true that King is a ghoul. As Will Bunch wrote, he “blamed Eric Garner for his death at the hands of cops, saying he was ‘obese’; compared NFL kneeling protests to ‘Nazi salutes’”; and was a “leader in promoting Islamophobia.” This is indisputable.

But it’s one thing to blast a foe. It’s another to blast a friend. Bunch and many, many others piled onto Schumer with their bile and condemnation, demanding he delete his benediction. It’s the latest example of myopic behavior on the part of liberals and progressives. What’s the greater goal? Defeating the Republicans or killing ourselves.

Killing ourselves if Schumer’s tweet is any indication.

Seriously, King is from New York City. So is Schumer. Do liberals and progressives really believe Schumer doesn’t know King is a ghoul? He was saying nice things because that’s what you say when someone from the other side can’t hack it anymore. That’s what you say when your party, the Democrats, might benefit from his departure.

To be sure, Schumer might have been white-washing King’s sadism, as if by tipping his hat he was condoning his race-baiting. But I think Schumer made the right choice. He could have gloated. He would have danced on King’s political grave. He didn’t because at the very least that would look terrible to statewide constituents. He said something nice because that’s what voters expect from United States Senators.

Liberals ought to know that. Actually, they’re smart. They do know that.

Yet they are killing themselves over etiquette of all things.

John Stoehr



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    Simple magnanimity.

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