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The thing is, I don’t need much. To make a living with the Editorial Board, all I need for me and my crew is one new paying subscriber a day. That’s it. Just one! As long as one supporter of the common good joins the Editorial Board every day, the Editorial Board can keep growing, nice and steady. But I need your help. Please join us! THANKS!


And why you’re thinking about it …

Here’s what subscribers are reading!

Mia Brett writes about the long history of antisemitism in the United States in order to push back against the belief, widely shared among white people, that antisemitism is a bug, not a feature of American life.

Richard Sudan writes about the upcoming trial for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, a man shoot to death at close range for jogging while Black. He was lynched, Richard writes. And that’s no overstatement.

Rod Graham is the Editorial Board’s friendly neighborhood sociologist. In his latest, he explains how moral panics sustain immoral action, and why they serve the Republican struggle for power in a democracy.

Ray Suarez writes about the many thousands of statues across the country that feature representations of principle and virtue. With these allegorical figures, what should their race be? It’s another side of national debate over public memorials that you haven’t thought of.

Lindsay Beyerstein writes about Monday’s blockbuster story in Rolling Stone in which two anonymous sources say the organizers of the January 6 insurrection were in constant contact with the Trump White House. The report hasn’t been corroborated yet, but its contours reflect similar dynamics reported by ProPublica in June.

Magdi Semrau writes the authoritative article you have been waiting for about the Facebook Paper and how the world’s largest social media platform maximized profit by radicalizing ordinary human bigotry.

John Stoehr is the editor of the Editorial Board. He writes the daily edition. Find him @johnastoehr.

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