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Help the Editorial Board grow, slow and steady

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The Editorial Board won’t ever be big. But it can grow — slow and steady. To do that, we need to see, on average, about one new subscriber every day of the week, Saturday through Sunday. So even when  we lose a few people every week, which happens, there’s still enough forward energy to keep serving the common good.

Will you join us? It’s just $6 a month. I’m guessing your monthly budget for coffee is bigger. Please if you can, and I’m pretty sure you want to, since you’re on the free list, subscribe. We can’t do this alone! THANK YOU!!!


The Editorial Board’s Lindsay Beyerstein writes about John Eastman and his “manual for state violence” for January 6. “The report is a blueprint for how Donald Trump could fuse federal power, local police and criminal gangs like the Proud Boys to hang onto power. It seems to foreshadow Eastman’s plan for a procedural coup on January 6, except projected onto Biden supporters.”

The Editorial Board’s Richard Sudan writes about the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. “Had Rittenhouse been Black and armed in Kenosha, having shot three people, killing two of them, we all know his trial would have taken place right there, in the streets.”

The Editorial Board’s Mia Brett writes about two cases heard before the Supreme Court last week and how the one about abortion may end up influencing the one about guns in ways that seemed to have made Justice Brett Kavanaugh squirm a bit. “Shockingly, it’s not all bad news out of the court but some of the good news on abortion could be owed to a brief from the Firearms Policy Coalition (yes, seriously).”

The Editorial Board’s Matt Robison dives into social insurance, and why the government should push more wealth down to the young who need it instead of pushing wealth up to the old who don’t. “This isn’t exactly rocket science: investments in younger generations mean more people living healthier lives, costing the government less, paying more taxes and having more of their own resources later in life.”

John Stoehr is the editor of the Editorial Board. He writes the daily edition. Find him @johnastoehr.

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