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Dems playing chicken, ‘desirable’ immigrants, Afghan sanctions, climate horsemen, anti-trans laws, plus John Stoehr’s week

The weekend edition of the Editorial Board!

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Welcome to the weekend edition of the Editorial Board, where you will find a roundup of everything produced over the last week by our amazing stable of writers.

This week featured me, too. Here’s what you may have missed. (Reminder: I send my stuff out every weekday around lunchtime. There is no paywall for my stuff. This is an effort by the Editorial Board to rebuild the public square and the common good. Contributions to the Editorial Board from other writers are behind a pay wall.)

• August 26, 2021
Will GOP voters go to war with corporations over new vaccine mandates? That would require personal sacrifice, though Read more

• August 25, 2021
‘This is what freedom looks like in America today’ Read more

• August 24, 2021
Dear congressional Democrats, please stop conceding to the press corps’ bullshit. Thanks Read more

• August 23, 2021
America’s elites are inherently vulnerable to bad-faith arguments. So the pandemic is getting worse, not better Read more

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Here’s the weekend edition …

August 27, 2021

Mia Brett: There’s no such thing as law to police trans women that wouldn’t ultimately hurt all women


August 26, 2021

Brandon Bradford: It’s really bad, many will die, we have to ring the alarm but even after we do, it’s going to get worse before it gets better


August 24, 2021

Richard Sudan: In Afghanistan, occupation isn’t the only thing the US should end. It should end sanctions, too


August 23, 2021

Mia Brett: We owe it to Afghans to let as many in as possible, but let’s avoid arguments over ‘desirable’ and ‘undesirable’ immigrants


August 23, 2021

Rod Graham: In this colossal game of infrastructure chicken, progressives must stand firm


John Stoehr is the editor of the Editorial Board. He writes the daily edition. Find him @johnastoehr.

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