June 6, 2022 | Reading Time: < 1 minute

‘Beyond Politics’ interviews the Editorial Board’s Jason Sattler

Save Michigan.

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Here’s the intro host Matt Robison wrote for the segment on Beyond Politics.

Former USA Today Contributing Editor Jason Sattler (known to legions of fans on Twitter as @LOLGOP) has a smart new article out this week on The Editorial Board explaining why if you want to understand what’s happening in American politics — if you want to save democracy itself — look to Michigan.  Time and again, it all comes back there.  Matt and Jason take a closer look at why Michigan is so pivotal and how you can use it as a lens into winning in the critical upper Midwest swing states and the entire current political dynamic. Follow Jason on twitter at @LOLGOP and Matt at @MattLRobison. 


John Stoehr is the editor of the Editorial Board. He writes the daily edition. Find him @johnastoehr.

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