Rod Graham

Rod Graham is the Editorial Board's neighborhood sociologist. A professor at Virginia's Old Dominion University, he researches and teaches courses in the areas of cyber-crime and racial inequality. His work can be found at Follow him @roderickgraham.

The United States needs a ‘sociological imagination’

January 6, 2022 /

“Character” and “individual virtue” are not going to solve our problems.

Republicans depict drug-use sites a dens of iniquity. Wrong. They intend to reduce harm

December 29, 2021 /

They focus on management, not abstinence.

Beware the hate-launderers

December 21, 2021 /

A cottage industry has emerged to make bigotry seem reasonable.

Your friendly neighborhood sociologist: What we talk about when we talk about white supremacy

December 1, 2021 /

It’s not what it used to be.

Your friendly neighborhood sociologist: There’s a ‘CRT’ in your school. You should love it!

November 17, 2021 /

This is the alternative narrative progressives can employ.

Your friendly neighborhood sociologist: Police are trained to be ‘violence workers,’ but their job also requires non-violence

November 3, 2021 /

The police reform debate needs a reset.

Your friendly neighborhood sociologist: How moral panics sustain immoral action

October 27, 2021 /

They also serve a broader purpose.

America is growing skeptical of the Gospel of Big Business

October 20, 2021 /

Are tax breaks for Amazon tribute or sacrifice?

The biggest teacher lobbies aren’t doing enough to elevate cultural esteem for teachers. They’d be paid more if they did

October 13, 2021 /

Calling out the National Education Association et al.

Your neighborhood sociologist: You are not an algorithm

October 6, 2021 /

It’s time to “disrupt your feed.”