Rod Graham

Rod Graham is the Editorial Board's neighborhood sociologist. A professor at Virginia's Old Dominion University, he researches and teaches courses in the areas of cyber-crime and racial inequality. His work can be found at Follow him @roderickgraham.

Social media doesn’t just amplify conflict. It makes it

August 15, 2022 /

“Professional dividers” are dividing democracy for profit.

Do you need Google? Your privacy depends on the answer

July 20, 2022 /

The post-Roe fight for digital privacy.

The rightwing attack on higher ed centers on the difference between freedom of speech and academic freedom

June 30, 2022 /

They aren’t the same.

America is a nation of conspiratorial thinkers. Why?

June 3, 2022 /

It’s complicated.

Extreme normal people

May 20, 2022 /

Potential for political violence is always already there.

Can a democracy survive when awash in conspiracy theories?

May 10, 2022 /

Republicans trust neither common nor specialized knowledge.

How rightwingers determine what we do and don’t talk about

April 28, 2022 /

Liberals need better media framing.

Inequality makes oligarchy

April 22, 2022 /

Do we really have a political system by which everyone is treated equally and has an equal say in government? Don’t be naive.

‘Groomer’ is the same as ‘bigot’? Don’t be daft. No, seriously

April 14, 2022 /

Key question: Who is saying what to whom and why?

Ketanji Brown Jackson and the emotional bridge between meritocracy and diversity

April 6, 2022 /

Cory Booker’s nod.