Rod Graham

Rod Graham is the Editorial Board's neighborhood sociologist. A professor at Virginia's Old Dominion University, he researches and teaches courses in the areas of cyber-crime and racial inequality. His work can be found at Follow him @roderickgraham.

Tired of conservatives accusing college professors of pushing their ‘liberal bias’? This is the slapback you’ve been waiting for

September 30, 2021 /

It is a fundamental misunderstanding of research and teaching.

Your neighborhood sociologist: The people who share this earth with you are saying something. So lean into ‘cancel culture’

September 22, 2021 /

Instead of howling madly about “wokism.”

The closer we get to the minority-majority tipping point, the more the Republicans are going to inflame white racism

September 9, 2021 /

To combat a damaging narrative, we must talk about it.

Progressives should add sex worker rights to their agenda. It’s a matter of social justice

September 1, 2021 /

Sex workers are the only workers ignored on Labor Day.

In this colossal game of infrastructure chicken, progressives must stand firm

August 23, 2021 /

Passing the core infrastructure bill without the accompanying human infrastructure bill will only exacerbate economic inequality. 

Anti-woke liberals want to be heard and not dismissed. They deserve this. But they need to exercise a bit of humility first

August 11, 2021 /

Even so, progressives must engage with left-leaning, intellectual anti-wokes. They are our once and future political allies.

Simone Biles just needed to rest

August 3, 2021 /

Sticks and stones break bones, but words hurt, too.

‘Dialogue’ won’t save America but minor league baseball games and other group activities will

July 27, 2021 /

Reflecting on the bonding power of social capital.

Color-consciousness, not colorblindness

July 5, 2021 /

Not seeing race is good, writes Rod Graham. But not seeing racism is bad.

Meritocracy is the myth that binds us

June 21, 2021 /

Our society needs it, but the myth needs overhauling, writes Rod Graham