April 15, 2021 | Reading Time: < 1 minute

We’re drifting closer to rule by judges

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The problem with the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary isn’t that judges are too liberal or too conservative. It’s that judges have too much power in a democratic republic such as ours, writes Editorial Board member Christopher Jon Sprigman.

As the court moves to intervene in democratic decision-making, the US drifts ever closer to rule-by-judges. That is nothing to celebrate. Such aggressive judicial supremacy has empowered lawyers, disempowered citizens and turned what could be democracy-enhancing political debates into arid and divisive legal wrangling.

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—John Stoehr

Christopher Jon Sprigman covers legal and constitutional affairs for the Editorial Board. He is the Murray and Kathleen Bring Professor of Law at New York University and Co-Director of its Engelberg Center on Innovation Law and Policy. Find him @cjsprigman.

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