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The Editorial Board needs you!

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As you know, I believe politics is best understood in plain English. So I try every day to understand what the hell is going on in Washington and put it to you straight. 

I’ve been publishing the Editorial Board since April. If we do the math—five newsletters a week, four weeks a month, over nine months—well, math isn’t my forte. 

I’m writing a lot. But! 

Only a fraction of readers are doing their part to help this little enterprise get to where it needs to go. So …

Please take a moment, right now, and subscribe to the Editorial Board.

It’s $5 a month or $55 a year. Seriously. 

That’s less than what you pay for Starbucks every day! 

Please do help the Editorial Board grow.

Thank you!

—John Stoehr
Editor & Publisher, 
The Editorial Board

(PS: If you are already a subscriber, thank you! —JS)

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