Biden deescalated violence by deescalating violent rhetoric

By John Stoehr / October 20, 2023 /

A “democratic and decent response” to war in Ukraine and Israel.

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On aid to Ukraine, the Republicans jammed themselves

By Noah Berlatsky / November 29, 2022 /

Will the Democrats press their advantage?

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Putin’s cronyism in Russia produced war crimes in Ukraine

By John Stoehr / April 22, 2022 /

To look tough back home, soldiers are murdering civilians.

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Genocide ‘for all to see’ — except the Russian people. They’re getting the Fox treatment

By John Stoehr / April 4, 2022 /

“Who would want to give up the lies for a version in which their sons died committing atrocities against an innocent people? Nobody.”

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Biden pledged to take 100,000 blond, blue-eyed Ukrainians, a slap in the face to the 30,000 Black Haitians deported last year

By Richard Sudan / April 4, 2022 /

It’s shameful.

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No, Carlson, Greenwald and the rest are not in Russian pay

By Noah Berlatsky / March 28, 2022 /

My editor is wrong. It’s worse than that.

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The ban on Russian oil and gas led to a ‘truly pivotal moment in politics.’ Is energy independence coming to America?

By John Stoehr / March 23, 2022 /

Putin’s “irreversible mistake” remakes the world order.

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How can the UK take pride in fighting Nazis in World War II while arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine? It just doesn’t square

By Richard Sudan / March 22, 2022 /

An explosive new development unearthed by Declassified UK.

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Censored Chinese scholar: ‘new Iron Curtain’ will mark ‘life-and-death battle between those for and against western democracy.’ 

By John Stoehr / March 17, 2022 /

Will China turn its back on Russia?

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Charles Koch and what history tells us about the line between profit-earning in peacetime and profiteering in wartime

By John Stoehr / March 16, 2022 /

Koch Industries is staying in Russia.

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