Ron DeSantis

A lot of Republicans stopped believing Trump is invincible

By John Stoehr / January 24, 2024 /

The spell is broken. No wonder he’s mad.

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It took two years of humiliation for DeSantis to realize that 2028 would be a better year to run

By John Stoehr / January 22, 2024 /

He’s just not good at this.

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If he weren’t trying to be like Trump, DeSantis might be known as his most insightful critic

By John Stoehr / January 17, 2024 /

Maybe it takes a copycat to be so right about the frontrunner.

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Trump isn’t ‘the sword of Gryffindor’

By John Stoehr / November 9, 2023 /

Democrats have had that idea drummed into them over the last eight years, says Matt Robison, host of the Beyond Politics podcast. 

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For the Republicans, shooting massacres have practical use

By John Stoehr / August 30, 2023 /

If the party can’t dominate democratically, it can attempt to by empowering white vigilantes to take “the law” into their own hands.

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Ron DeSantis is in trouble. Will he follow Chris Christie’s model?

By John Stoehr / August 10, 2023 /

Florida’s governor seems to understand that Trump is the problem.

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Face it, Ron DeSantis is losing because he’s bad at this

By John Stoehr / July 26, 2023 /

He’s misreading the mood of his own party.

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Intelligence is no substitute for virtue

By John Stoehr / May 25, 2023 /

Things didn’t go well for DeSantis last night, but he’s no idiot.

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Disney is suing DeSantis to protect its ‘economic freedom’

By John Stoehr / May 3, 2023 /

The Republicans are rapidly approaching the point of no return.

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There’s no such thing as a competent authoritarian

By Noah Berlatsky / April 24, 2023 /

DeSantis wouldn’t be better or worse than Trump.

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