Ron DeSantis

The unbearable sexism of the press covering Ron DeSantis more than Gretchen Whitmer

By Jason Sattler / September 29, 2022 /

DeSantis has become the most overrated Republican politician since, at least, Chris Christie. And Whitmer may be the most underrated.

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The problem isn’t that DeSantis is politicizing immigration. It’s that he’s depoliticizing it

By John Stoehr / September 26, 2022 /

Politics is how normal people can change the world.

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Trump’s fear of looking like a loser could spoil the GOP’s advantage in November

By Jason Sattler / August 1, 2022 /

Party leaders want the midterms to be about Biden.

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What do 1,000,000 dead Americans tell us?

By John Stoehr / May 13, 2022 /

The United States are not one.

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‘Don’t Say Gay’ is about more than gender and sexuality. It’s about stripping children’s rights

By Claire Bond Potter / April 4, 2022 /

That hurts everyone.

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DeSantis is Trump’s mini-me

By Jason Sattler / January 25, 2022 /

The Republicans wish this cut-rate Don Jr. without giant veneers could be their future, but he’s just another wannabe.

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We suspected that rightwing politics caused mass injury and death. A new book proves it

By John Stoehr / January 12, 2022 /

When partisanship subsumes everything, people die. Period. 

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The president’s low approval is democracy working. Voters are holding him accountable

By Noah Berlatsky / December 14, 2021 /

The problem is a Republican Party that’s not promising to do more to fight the covid pandemic. It’s promising to do less.

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Is the US ‘truly one nation’?

By John Stoehr / November 30, 2021 /

It feels good to think so.

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They are not peaceful protesters. They are death-threat squads. The US attorney general is absolutely right. He must act

By John Stoehr / October 6, 2021 /

Don’t let the Republicans con you.

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