Robert F Kennedy Jr

Not just a spoiler. A conspirator

By John Stoehr / April 9, 2024 /

“The Kennedy voter and the Trump voter – our mutual enemy is Biden,” said Rita Palma, Robert F Kennedy Jr’s New York campaign director.

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Kennedy’s fate is tied to Trump’s

By John Stoehr / April 4, 2024 /

Voters have entered a new stage in which they are remembering what the country was like the last time a demagogue was president. 

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RFK Jr is the chaos factor

By Lee Drutman / April 3, 2024 /

An anti-system candidate in an anti-system era, writes Lee Drutman.

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Third parties are a scam

By John Stoehr / April 3, 2024 /

They can’t win, but they can sap your will to make the world better.

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