The more pain Russians feel, the more incentive Putin has

By John Stoehr / March 5, 2022 /

Check your expectations. Sanctions yield complex results.

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‘Do we want to live in a world where Putin calls the shots?’

By John Stoehr / February 16, 2022 /

Patriots say no. Rightwingers say maybe.

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On Ukraine, the left and right parrot Putin’s propaganda

By John Stoehr / February 4, 2022 /

Look, Russia is the real aggressor.

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Tucker Carlson and Fox as ‘Fifth Column’ in the US, and other things you need to know about threats of war in Ukraine

By John Stoehr / January 21, 2022 /

“No invasion will be a minor incursion. It will cost lives and destroy communities. For Ukraine’s sake, I hope the west understands this.”

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