lab leak

Anthony Fauci rebuked Rand Paul, and it still stings

By Lindsay Beyerstein / August 25, 2023 /

Two years later, the Kentucky senator wants him prosecuted.

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For the House Republicans, the scientific method itself is now evidence of conspiracy

By Lindsay Beyerstein / July 19, 2023 /

They seized on a snippet of a researcher’s email in which he and colleagues tried to disprove the lab leak theory. Yes, that’s science.

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Lab leak hearing by House Republicans feels frozen in time

By Lindsay Beyerstein / March 10, 2023 /

The chip on Robert Redfield’s shoulder is evidence of nothing, writes Lindsay Beyerstein.

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Lab can’t leak what it never had

By Lindsay Beyerstein / March 3, 2023 /

A “lab accident” is not a conspiracy. However, in 2023, all versions of the lab leak theory presuppose a conspiracy, writes Lindsay Beyerstein.

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