Kevin McCarthy

As they attack the prosecutor, just say what the Republicans mean, not what they say

By John Stoehr / March 23, 2023 /

Make them deny it.

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The Republican Party’s magic words have lost their magic

By John Stoehr / March 13, 2023 /

It’s why Biden is like no Democratic president in our lifetimes.

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House Republicans plan to crush your retirement savings

By Jason Sattler / March 9, 2023 /

Why do we continue to believe the House Trumpists will swerve in their debt-ceiling game of chicken? asks Jason Sattler.

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This isn’t Obama’s White House

By John Stoehr / February 6, 2023 /

Why Republicans no longer get the benefit of the doubt.

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The GOP ethic of elites getting to do whatever they want

By Lindsay Beyerstein / January 23, 2023 /

George Santos is living his party’s values.

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The Republican Party’s dangerous bankruptcy of ideas

By John Stoehr / January 16, 2023 /

They won’t persuade you. They’ll force you.

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Only the Republicans can save themselves from the Republicans

By John Stoehr / January 6, 2023 /

Let’s hope the House Democrats continue resisting calls to intervene in Kevin McCarthy’s humiliating fight with the chaos caucus.

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Obstruction in the House picks up where J6 left off

By Jason Sattler / January 6, 2023 /

The 20 can’t quite trust Kevin McCarthy to blow up democracy.

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The 19 are depoliticizing politics

By John Stoehr / January 5, 2023 /

Kevin McCarthy’s humiliation is a case study.

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Will the Democrats save the next GOP speaker from his party?

By John Stoehr / January 4, 2023 /

If not, how much suffering can they tolerate?

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