Kamala Harris

Harris breaks the fuck barrier

By Stephen Robinson / May 17, 2024 /

It’s like she’s human, writes Stephen Robinson.

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Ignore the hate. No one is better prepared than Kamala Harris

By John Stoehr / March 23, 2024 /

Calls for her to step aside are laughable in the extreme.

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Ezra Klein’s plan for replacing Biden is ‘West Wing’ fan fiction 

By Stephen Robinson / February 21, 2024 /

Why are we even talking about this? writes Stephen Robinson.

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Debating the future of Kamala Harris, ‘Democratic leaders’ decide sounding like sexists is better than sounding like racists

By John Stoehr / February 2, 2023 /

The vice president has little to do with it.

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When it comes to treatment of Haitians, there’s little difference between Biden and Trump

By Richard Sudan / August 10, 2021 /

By sending them back to poverty, detainment, persecution or worse, the US forfeits the moral high ground regarding human rights.  

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