Joe Biden

All of a sudden, Biden is the border hawk, not Trump

By John Stoehr / February 7, 2024 /

Trump got outplayed and doesn’t seem to know it.

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Biden connected the dots – Trump’s Big Lie is new Lost Cause

By John Stoehr / February 6, 2024 /

He opened space to discuss the role of intimidation and threats of violence in Trump’s continued dominance of the Republican Party. 

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The cost to the GOP of ‘saying the quiet part out loud’ is clearer

By John Stoehr / February 2, 2024 /

Biden is taking advantage of the GOP’s inaction on the border.

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The Republicans say they care about ‘the crisis at the border.’ Why do we believe them?

By John Stoehr / February 1, 2024 /

They clearly don’t, so what do they really care about?

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How Joe Biden is neutralizing Donald Trump’s Big Lie

By John Stoehr / January 30, 2024 /

He’s now reminding everyone, every day, that Trump is a loser.

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The public isn’t ‘skeptical’ of Biden’s strong economic performance — just Republicans

By John Stoehr / January 27, 2024 /

Why is he leaning into ‘Bidenomics’? It’s working

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Haley is teaching Biden that attention to Trump’s ‘mental fitness’ moves some GOP voters

By John Stoehr / January 23, 2024 /

Her campaign may end tonight, but her lesson won’t.

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It took two years of humiliation for DeSantis to realize that 2028 would be a better year to run

By John Stoehr / January 22, 2024 /

He’s just not good at this.

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Sanders keeps saying ‘economic anxiety’ pushes people to Trump

By John Stoehr / January 19, 2024 /

Why can’t he let go of that story?

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The cynical left will fade as Biden’s image improves

By John Stoehr / January 18, 2024 /

It’s already happening, and honestly, the choice for voters isn’t hard. 

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