Hakeem Jeffries

As long as there’s a Greene around, Johnson’s ass is Jeffries’

By John Stoehr / May 9, 2024 /

The press corps is starting to tell that story.

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Mike Johnson is still the speaker because Hakeem Jeffries allows it

By John Stoehr / May 1, 2024 /

Don’t confuse a demonstration of power with theater. Marjorie Taylor Greene was never a threat to Johnson, not without Jeffries’ say so.

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The GOP can’t stop won’t stop hating the poor for their poverty

By John Stoehr / June 2, 2023 /

With the debt-ceiling deal, the poor will suffer twice as much.

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Actually, the Democrats are pretty good at messaging

By John Stoehr / May 12, 2022 /

The problem isn’t messaging. The problem is infrastructure.

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