Why is the ‘Biden Boom’ invisible?

By John Stoehr / February 9, 2023 /

Recession. Recession! RECESSION!

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The disappearing link between voting and the economy

By Noah Berlatsky / October 28, 2022 /

People aren’t pushed into partisan camps by the economy. Rather, people interpret the economy through a partisan lens. 

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Want to end the Great Resignation? End the pandemic

By Noah Berlatsky / December 20, 2021 /

It’s not a problem that can be solved by making the lives of poor and working people, and immigrants, more miserable. 

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The president’s low approval is democracy working. Voters are holding him accountable

By Noah Berlatsky / December 14, 2021 /

The problem is a Republican Party that’s not promising to do more to fight the covid pandemic. It’s promising to do less.

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