Fascist? Authoritarian? Sorta Russian? Whatever you call it, the Republicans don’t want legitimate authority, only power

By Rod Graham / January 19, 2022 /

People often confuse the terms power and authority.

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Senate candidate JD Vance is describing how the Republicans have changed. Are we listening?

By John Stoehr / October 1, 2021 /

Set aside the old ways of thinking.

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Vaccine holdouts are caving. Lesson for liberals? Respond to authoritarianism with force

By John Stoehr / September 29, 2021 /

They want to be told what to do.

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The GOP’s authoritarian voters have given up hope of taking over democracy. A new political rhetoric can keep it that way

By John Stoehr / September 16, 2021 /

The rhetoric of shut-the-fuck-up, part 2.

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Whatever happens to Roe, it will be the consequence of six conservative justices choosing to believe authoritarian lies

By John Stoehr / August 31, 2021 /

If the sanctity of an individual embryo’s life were as important as they say it is, a half-century-old anti-abortion movement would not exist.

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Will vaccine mandates spark right-wing violence? Maybe, if the authoritarians believe what they say. Most don’t, though

By John Stoehr / August 30, 2021 /

Violent rhetoric is a feature, not a bug.

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In the face of authoritarianism, don’t lose hope. Normal partisan politics can save democracy

By John Stoehr / August 11, 2021 /

The Dems are pushing a fault line within the GOP to its breaking point.

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