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Who Do You Trust, Cohen or Trump?

By John Stoehr / July 27, 2018 /

Cohen’s claim is a game-changer. Do you believe it? The media should help decide.

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New SCOTUS Won’t Check Trump’s Power

By John Stoehr / July 3, 2018 /

The new conservative majority will affirm, deepen and expand it.

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Surprise! Crossing the Border Is a Misdemeanor

By John Stoehr / June 19, 2018 /

There’s a reason President Trump wants you to believe it’s a major crime. The Democrats need to stop helping.

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Trump Perverts the Constitution

By John Stoehr / June 5, 2018 /

Yes, that’s sounds extreme. Yes, that’s what the president is doing.

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Want Gun Control? Empower the ATF

By John Stoehr / May 22, 2018 /

We need to expand the scope of political conflict against the NRA. But eventually, we need to talk about policy.

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Trump Is a Good Enemy. Corruption Is Better

By John Stoehr / May 10, 2018 /

Trumpism is contested, but everyone gets corruption, because everyone has been its victim.

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The Elites Are Marginalizing Trump

By John Stoehr / May 7, 2018 /

The message they are sending to the public: Trump is not good people.

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