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The Republicans’ either/or trap

By John Stoehr / April 2, 2024 /

They ask us to choose God or trans people. Don’t fall for it.

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Biden: ‘The days of trickle-down economics are over’

By John Stoehr / March 13, 2024 /

That should have been last week’s real, era-ending headline.

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2024, a referendum on the loser

By John Stoehr / January 4, 2024 /

Normally, it’s a referendum on the incumbent. Not this year.

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The zealots of the Washington press corps

By John Stoehr / November 14, 2023 /

Like all zealots, they will be betrayed in the end.

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Fear of a dictator may yield unity

By John Stoehr / October 17, 2023 /

An interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Will Bunch.

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Unionizing is stabling our politics

By John Stoehr / September 12, 2023 /

Biden and the biggest labor union are speaking the same language. 

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Regime change now has a name: ‘Bidenomics’

By John Stoehr / July 12, 2023 /

Mr. Normalcy is a transformational president.

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The US Supreme Court did not outlaw bias in college admissions

By John Stoehr / June 30, 2023 /

It outlawed a kind of bias, one that its rightwing supermajority dislikes.

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Joe Biden is picking up where Barack Obama left off

By John Stoehr / June 19, 2023 /

Cheers for Bidenomics.

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Trump’s prosecution is politically motivated, and thank God for that

By John Stoehr / June 14, 2023 /

It’s a product of democratic politics, not the rule of law.

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