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Trump’s Crime Is So Much Worse Than Abuse of Presidential Power

By John Stoehr / November 21, 2019 /

Fiona Hill is hinting at it. Are we listening?

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Why Is a Cheater Running for President?

By John Stoehr / October 23, 2019 /

Quid pro quo isn’t Mitch McConnell’s only headache.

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Systemic Presidential Lawlessness

By John Stoehr / April 25, 2019 /

Trump plans on “fighting all the subpoenas.” What now?

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A Weak President Is a Dangerous President

By John Stoehr / December 21, 2018 /

Why is Trump going to shut down the government? To stay out of jail.

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A lot of Republicans stopped believing Trump is invincible

By John Stoehr / January 24, 2024 /

The spell is broken. No wonder he’s mad.

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Why the Republicans are staying mostly mum on Menendez

By John Stoehr / September 28, 2023 /

Comments might invite questions about the GOP’s loyalty.

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The ‘theory of disqualification’ can’t resolve a problem like Donald Trump

By John Stoehr / September 5, 2023 /

Only democratic politics can do that.

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Conflict with Trump should be the least of Pence’s worries

By John Stoehr / August 2, 2023 /

History is against him. 

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Trump’s prosecution is politically motivated, and thank God for that

By John Stoehr / June 14, 2023 /

It’s a product of democratic politics, not the rule of law.

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Today, investigators are asking themselves: How weak is he?

By John Stoehr / April 4, 2023 /

If strong, expect nothing. If weak, expect Trump to stumble under the weight of everything that’s been sticking to him for years.

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